RZ Lash Flat Ellipse 0.15 mm


RZ Lash - qualitative volume lashes for every master. Thickness 0.15 mm is perfect for those stunning classic sets  - you can create your own masterpieces! Deep black color, matte finish and look at the curls - curl C is classic curl C - not too twisted. You can try to use curl CC for more dramatic look but curl M will fit to any type of eye.
Eyelashes are available in individual lenghts and also in MIX boxes from 7-13 mm. MIX boxes are creates to give eyelash master opportunity to use every single line of the mix. No more wasted lash mixes - RZ Lash have got you covered and there are enough of all most popular lenghts.

Get more! Every lash tray contains 20 rows of lashes and it is filled till max capacity - no more useless blank spaces or large logos. 

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12.00 €