BestM Lash bonder

BestM Lash bonder, 10 ml. Fragrance free.
Bestm Lashes Super Bonder is an amazing product that help ANY lash glue cure fast and increase your retention by 30%.
Apply it where the adhesive is bonded to the natural lashes and the bonder cures from the outside to the inside of the bond. With our new formula, the lash glue will rapidly cure the extension to the natural lash.

Please read the features of Super Bonder carefully. Used for professional lash technician only.
Works with any lash extension glue and any technique (classic and volume)
Seals the adhesive – WITHOUT shock curing.
Your client can get their lashes wet 3 minutes after treatment.
How to use:
Grab 2 Lint Free Microswabs (one for each eye) and apply a tiny amount of Bond on the area where the extensions are attached. Dab off any excess solution onto paper towel if needed.
Do not saturate volume or mega fan, only apply where the adhesive bonds to the natural lash. Also, do not apply on skin.

 Ingredients: Water, Isocyanic acid, Antifoam PE-L, Thrimethoxysilane

9.90 €